Using A Recording Computer To Produce Your Own Music

Producing music at home is made easier using a recording computer system

Using a recording computer in the home studio has revolutionized the possibilities for musicians and producers all over the world. I probably wouldn’t have become so involved with producing music if it wasn’t for this major development and growth in computer technology.

Recording and producing music, before studio computers became popular, was a very expensive hobby to pursue. You would often have to go into a professional recording studio to get anything recorded, which would also include the cost of hiring a sound engineer to set things up and control the equipment.

But now, recording with a computer has brought these costs down massively and it’s never been easier to set up a home recording studio based around a computer.

Computer and Digital Audio Articles

The Computer Studio

Your computer will be at the centre of your home recording studio. You’ll use it to record, mix, edit and produce, and possibly master your recordings and productions.

Getting involved with computer music production at home involves piecing together your own studio setup built around your computer. So it’s important to know the basics of how computers work – you can then choose the best possible machine for your needs and budget.

Digital Audio

Computers are digital machines, so knowing a few basics about digital audio will help you when you’re using a computer in your studio.

Knowing how digital audio and the digital world works, you’ll be better prepared to avoid common issues that always appear when dealing with digital recording, one of which being audio latency. Getting to know the different types of computer audio cable can also help to get you up and running – the main two being USB and FireWire.

A computer system dedicated to recording audio is also known as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Not all DAWs are based around a recording computer, but they will all have the ability to capture audio digitally.