Recommended Music Production and Home Recording Resources

I thought it would be a good idea to bring together, in one place, all of the different resources and tools I recommend for recording, mixing, and producing music in your home studio.

Bringing it all together on one page will also save you time if you’re looking for something in particular.

A collection of recommended music production resources


Education + Training

  • – A superb online training website with a wide range of production-related courses for you to explore. Programs are divided into 3 levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Music-Courses – ‘The online music training portal.’ Loads of in-depth courses on software, recording, mixing, and learning different instruments. Connect them together and you can master any of the core music production skills.

Studio Tools

Audio Interface


  • Shure SM58 – Solid and reliable – another classic. The SM57 and SM58 are the perfect dynamic mics for any home studio.
  • Shure SM57 – A classic dynamic mic, perfect for guitar amps and drums.


  • PreSonus Eris 4.5 – If you’re looking for a little extra quality without a massive rise in cost, these are perfect. Beautifully crisp and detailed sound from PreSonus.


  • Sennheiser HD-280 – Solid and reliable. An excellent starting pair of headphones for any home studio.
  • Shure SRH440 – A great alternative to the HD-280s. A bright top-end with strong low-end response.
  • KRK KNS-8400 – If you’re familiar with the Rokit studio monitors from KRK, then you’ll know what you’re getting with these headphones – they’re designed to produce a similar sound.

MIDI Keyboards

  • Arturia MiniLab – A 25 mini-key controller that also comes with rotary knobs and pads for extra control. Comes with Analog Lab software  – a massive collection of classic synth sounds. It looks great too with it’s silver design and wood panels.
  • Akai Pro MPK25 – The ‘complete’ controller to connect to your production software. 25 full-size keys, 12 pads and 12 rotary knobs give you extended control over all your production settings and parameters, and it integrates with lots of different DAW programs, like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio One, and Reaper.

Control Surfaces

  • Novation Launchpad S – A 64-button grid controller that can be used with loads of different DAWs, and was originally made for Ableton Live. Can be used for writing and for performing live.
  • Behringer BCF2000 – A classic control surface with faders and rotary knobs, and can be used with lots of different DAWs and software plugins. Brilliant to use if you want more hands-on control of your mixes and effects.

Analog Synths

  • Arturia MiniBrute – An awesome analog synth. Features all of the usual controls you’d expect on a subtractive synth – oscillators, filters, ADSR envelopes to control the filter and volume, an LFO and an arpeggiator, plus lots of others. And it all comes in a brilliantly compact design, something you don’t expect from an analog synth.
  • Arturia MicroBrute – Smaller version of the MiniBrute. Same design but with narrowed-down features, and still produces a massive sound. Brutal.




  • Studio One Professional – Fast becoming one of the more popular DAW programs to produce music. Easy to learn and use, with a very intuitive layout that makes it simple to record, mix, and produce music. There’s also the smaller and cheaper Producer version.
  • Ableton Live – The number 1 program if you’re looking to create any kind of electronic music. Superb for trying out creative production ideas and experimenting. And, of course, the premier program to use if you want to perform electronic music live.
  • You can also get the Suite version, where you get extra instruments and sample packs, as well as Max for Live.
  • Reaper – Super-cheap DAW that still comes with plenty of quality, and is mainly geared towards recording and mixing. If you’re on a tight budget, then give this a try first – it may just surprise you.


  • Plugin Boutique – If you’re looking for some new software instruments or plugins to get your music firing, then this is the best place to look. You’ll find everything from solid compressors and EQ plugins, all the way to weird and wonderful synth plugins that will help inspire your creative music-making. Definitely worth checking out.