Why PreSonus Studio One is a Great DAW

PreSonus Studio One is one of the newer DAWs and has many similarities with Cubase

PreSonus Studio One is one of the newer DAW programs available today. It was first released in 2009 and was actually co-created by one of the early developers of Cubase. This is probably why the user interface looks a lot like Cubase. Studio One takes great advantage of the seamless integration with PreSonus hardware, like … Read more

Why Native Instruments Komplete is Essential For Your Studio

Native Instruments Komplete is a great collection of music production tools

Native Instruments Komplete is a fantastic collection of music production programs from Berlin-based company Native Instruments (also known as NI). They’ve gathered together their best products into one package, and the variety is so wide that you really don’t need anything else to create professional-quality music in your home studio. NI’s reputation for creating superb-sounding … Read more

Why AmpliTube is Great for Recording Guitars and Creating Effects

AmpliTube uses amp modeling to recreate the sounds and textures of guitar amplifiers and effects

AmpliTube is a fantastic software program from developer IK Multimedia that uses amplifier modeling to recreate the sounds and textures of guitar amplifiers and effects. Amp modeling is basically a way of digitally reproducing the sound of analog circuits and components. It’s not just guitars that can make use of the program. Being software-based, there’s … Read more

How Waves Plugins Can Take Your Music to Another Level

Waves plugins are used in professional recording studios all over the world

Waves plugins are made by the software developer Waves Audio, and they’re now one of the most popular collections of software production tools found in professional recording studios around the world. Waves Audio started in 1992 with the release of their first plugin, the Q10 equalizer, and since then they have released countless numbers of … Read more