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How to Use Music Production Tips to Enhance Your Sound

Elevate your tracks to new heights using simple music production tips

There are plenty of music production tips and techniques that you can use in your studio to give your music its own unique twist and to help it stand out. These tips can inspire new directions in your music, or assist you when you’re struggling for ideas.

There are as many production techniques as there are producers – everyone working in their own studio will have their own personal style and method of creating music. But there are certain approaches that work consistently well, along with tried and tested tips that can add interest and flavor to your sound.

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How to Produce Music

There are many different areas to think about when producing your own music. Each area can be thought of individually, but you need to think about how they interact with each other as well.

Some of these key production areas are:

  • Rhythms and beatmaking
  • Chords/Key
  • Sound design
  • Editing
  • Choice of instruments
  • Effects/Processing
  • Signal routing
  • Microphone technique
  • More abstract techniques, like Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies

Audio Production Tips

When working on your own productions, it can be very tempting to use as many instruments, plugins, and tracks as you possibly can. But more often than not, this isn’t really the best way forward.

Ideas are the most important thing, not the tools you use. In fact, I think that the less you use, the better it is for your music’s development. A few of the key advantages to this idea are:

  • You’ll learn much more about each tool you use
  • You can be more creative with what you use as you have to get more out of each tool or device
  • You’ll finish more tracks and get more done, as you won’t be wasting loads of time trying different plugins or settings

So, keep things simple, and limit yourself to a few high-quality tools of choice. Try to look for inspiration and new ideas in as many places as you can – look for music production tips in genres of music you wouldn’t usually listen to, or in new places you find yourself outside of the studio.

Enjoy what you do and get plenty of practice. If you put the time in, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get better and to develop your own unique sound.