Why Magix Music Maker is a Great Program for Beginners

Magix Music Maker is a music production program very much aimed at the beginners market. If you haven’t used a computer to make music before, then it’s a great program to use to see if you enjoy creating your own music in this way. The entry price is also very low for a music creation program.

The main experience I have using the program is with the free demo that you can download from the official website (the program is only available on Windows). I enjoyed trying it out, but I found that the limitations of the program meant that there are large restrictions to what you can actually do with your music.


Magix Music Maker is a great production program for beginnersHow It Works


The way the program works makes it very easy and very simple to put together and produce your own tracks. The program allows you to create music using loops and sound files that you drag and drop into the main window.

The loops can be edited and processed in much the same way as a normal DAW program, using tools like compression, EQ, and reverb. Automation and mixing is also available to make your tracks more dynamic and interesting.

Extra loops and sounds can be purchased separately from the main program – this chance to expand your sound palette is vital for keeping your music fresh and up-to-date.


Which Version?


Magix Music Maker comes in two different versions – Standard and Premium. Some of the main features of the two versions are:


  • Over 3000 loops and sounds
  • Maximum of 99 tracks


  • Over 6000 loops and sounds
  • Unlimited tracks
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Extra instruments and loops
  • Can be used with Propellerhead’s ReWire
  • Cut and edit samples

One of the more interesting features is Live Performer, where you can play your tracks live by triggering loops using a keyboard (a similar idea to how Ableton Live works). Playing loops in different sequences allows you to create a new performance every time Live Performer is used.


Magic MX


A great part of Magix Music Maker is being able to use something called Magix MX, short for Media-X-change. It allows you to upload your music productions to the internet directlyfrom the program. You can share your  music with your online friends on platforms like Facebook, SoundCloud, and Youtube.

I think this feature is something that sets Magix Music Maker apart from a lot of other beginner-level programs. The opportunity to share music with friends online is what drives a lot of people to actually start making music in the first place, so being able to upload your music instantly is a great feature.


Magix Music Studio


This is another audio program from Magix that allows you to record audio and use MIDI. You also get better editing and mixing options as well, alongside more samples, effects, and processors. Music Studio comes as part of the Music Maker package as a free extra.




Magix Samplitude is a full professional-level DAW program that shares a lot of similarities with Music Maker and Music Studio. Like other DAW programs, you can record, edit, mix, and master your music productions.

It’s an expensive program though, and I think there are better options to look at if you’re looking to invest in a specialist DAW for your studio. Reaper and Pro Tools are two that spring to mind.


Final Thoughts


I enjoyed using this music making software, especially Live Performer, but it’s not a program I would use on a consistent basis as there are too many limitations to what you can do with your productions. As an entry-level program it’s definitely worth taking a look at though, especially for the price.

If you’d prefer to try out a DAW that gives you more creative control than Magix Music Maker (the link takes you to the official site), but would still like to use something that isn’t too complicated, then I’d recommend you try out FL Studio instead, which is a great entry-level program.



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