What is MIDI? A Guide to the MIDI Format

What is MIDI? The MIDI system uses 5-pin DIN connectors like this one

The question ‘what is MIDI?’ still gets asked by lots of different people who want to get into music production. These days, MIDI is one of the most important ingredients of a home studio setup and has been for the past thirty years since it was introduced.   MIDI   MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital […]

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Use a FireWire or USB Computer Audio Cable for Quick Connections

FireWire 9-pin beta connector

Using the right type of computer audio cable to connect your devices together is vital for your studio to run smoothly. These days, equipment such as an audio interface, a digital mixing board, or an external hard drive are usually connected to your studio computer through a FireWire or USB cable. There are many other types of […]

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What is a Digital Audio Workstation?

A digital audio workstation is at the center of most modern-day recording studios

It’s a question that’s commonly asked. Simply put, the digital audio workstation (DAW for short) will be at the center of your home recording studio, and it’s where you’ll record, edit, and mixyour music productions ready to be heard by the wider world. When compared to analog recording and production, a DAW can record and process audio […]

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Using A Recording Computer To Produce Your Own Music

Using a recording computer in the home studio has revolutionized the possibilities for musicians and producers all over the world. I probably wouldn’t have become so involved with producing music if it wasn’t for this major development and growth in computer technology. Recording and producing music, before studio computers became popular, was a very expensive hobby to pursue. You would often […]

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How to Set Your System Up for Computer Music Production

It's worth taking the time to get your studio set up properly for computer music production

Setting up your home studio for computer music production can take a little time to get right, especially when it comes to choosing the computer to use and how to organize it. The system you get and the settings you choose can impact on how smoothly the whole setup works. I’ve always thought it was worth […]

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How Audio Latency Can Affect Your Recording and Mixing

Audio latency can become a problem in the studio, but the effect is easily minimized

Audio latency is an issue that can cause problems when recording audio through a computer system. But despite these issues, it can be minimized so the problem is no longer noticeable. I used to get this problem quite often when I was using an old and slow computer in the studio, but it’s an area […]

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How Digital Audio Technology Works

Digital audio technology works by sampling analog waveforms at regular time intervals, and each reading is stored and transmitted digitally as a binary number

Like many others, I’ve always felt that the growth of digital audio technology is one of the biggest reasons why you’re able to create and produce music in your own home studio. Without the technology and the massive use of computers and other digital devices, you’d still find music being recorded in large expensive studios using […]

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A Simple Guide to the Inner Workings of Computers

Understanding computers and how they work can help you to get more out of your studio machine

Computers are a necessary part of today’s music production arsenal, and being able to identify the important parts will help you to get the maximum performance out of your audio equipment in your home studio. There are lots of different types out there, from small notebooks to large tower desktops. But they all feature the same core parts, so […]

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