What is a Headphone Mix and How Does It Work for Recording?

Check out this guide to find out how a headphone mix is used in home studio recording

A headphone mix (also known as the headphone monitor mix) is called upon when you’re recording a new track in the studio, to allow the recording musician to play along with the other instruments or vocalists that are being recorded at the same time (or to play along with the tracks that have already been […]

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The Music Recording Studio and How it Works

The music recording studio is the place where our music and production ideas can take shape and be made real in front of our eyes (and ears!). Creating and producing your own music can be exciting and stimulating, but it can also be frustrating and emotional. Learning the basics of the studio is a good […]

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Recording Electric Guitar – A Simple Home Studio Guide

A lot of music these days features guitars, so recording electric guitar is a key part of producing music in your own home studio. The electric guitar is one of the most popular instruments around, and getting good-quality recordings of them is fairly straightforward once you know how. Electric guitars can be used in so many […]

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The Recording Engineer and Other Roles Found in the Studio

The recording engineer is usually the one who connects all the equipment together in the studio

The recording engineer is one of many different roles found in the studio when it comes to building a team to create and produce music. You’ll often have to take on many of these jobs at different times when you’re producing your own music. I often find that I’ll be getting ready to record my […]

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Recording Keyboards in Your Home Studio – The Complete Guide

Check out this complete guide on how to record keyboard in your home studio

You’ll probably be recording keyboards a lot in your home studio – keyboard instruments are used everywhere these days to create music. Generating sound with hardware keyboards and synthesizers is still very popular, as it’s widely felt that the sound is fuller and more powerful than the sound created by software plugins and instruments. This widespread […]

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Recording Piano – Discover How With This Simple Guide

Here’s a straightforward guide to recording piano in your home studio

Recording piano can be one of the trickier things to get right in the studio. Different microphone positions and techniques can produce wildly different results, and the recording environment can have a large effect on the sound as well. So my goal is always to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to recording […]

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Recording Bass Guitar – Simple Techniques for a Great Studio Sound

Recording bass guitar is very similar to capturing the sound of the electric guitar. Along with the drums, the bass forms the backbone of most songs and productions, so getting your bass sound right is a vital part of producing good music. Combined with the kick drum, when it’s used the bass guitar creates most […]

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How to Build a Recording Studio at Home

It's not as difficult as you may think to build a recording studio in your own home

When you build a recording studio in your own home, it becomes much easier to record and produce your own music with your own production equipment. As we know, building a professional-quality studio can be a very expensive and time-consuming project to take on, so we are going to focus on the home studio side of things, […]

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Discover the Simple Secrets to Recording Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a straightforward guide to capturing a crisp and clear sound when recording acoustic guitars

Getting great results when recording acoustic guitar is pretty easy once you’ve learned how to do it. A clean and crisp guitar sound can add a lot to any song or production, and the instrument can easily provide rhythmic, harmonic, or lead parts. The sound of an acoustic guitar played and recorded well is one of […]

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11 Awesome Tips for Recording Vocals

Always record vocals with a pop filter - no exceptions!

  These 11 tips for recording vocals are designed to quickly give you some ideas of what to keep an eye on when it comes to capturing great vocal takes. Better home studio recordings naturally lead to higher quality mixes and sharpened productions, things I’m sure you’d like to see in your own music. Think […]

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