Best Music Production Software for EDM – PreSonus Studio One Review

The best music production software for EDM music is Studio One from PreSonus - both the Artist version and the Professional version

EDM is a lifestyle. It’s a way of feeling and allowing your body to move. All over the world, there are musicians and producers desperate to introduce their music to the rest of the planet. But they’re not sure where to start. You can start with the best music production software for EDM. Studio One […]

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5 Very Good Mics For Recording Guitar That Are Perfect For Your Home Studio

Here are 5 very good mics for recording guitar in your home studio

Do you envision yourself making great music on your guitar? Do you imagine you could create incredible sounds on your guitar? Well, even the greatest of musicians and producers need good mics for recording guitar and guitar amps, so they can show off their abilities. The first step to excellent sound is to find the […]

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