The Art of Music Mixing in the Studio

The music mixing stage is an exciting part of the studio production process. It can be started at any time, but usually happens once everything has been recorded or programmed into your DAW. Mixing is where you bring all the individual parts together and mix them into a whole piece of music – think of […]

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How to Choose the Right Recording Microphones for Your Studio

Recording microphones – we all need them in our studio, but choosing the right microphone for the right situation can sometimes be tricky. I get asked lots of questions when it comes to choosing the right microphone for recording: Where should I place my mic? What type of mic should I use for each instrument? […]

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How to Use Simple Home Studio Recording Techniques

Discover how to use straightforward home studio recording techniques to improve your productions

  Home studio recording is one of the most important parts of creating your own productions, and capturing quality recordings of your vocals and instruments can be made much easier when you follow a few simple rules.   Recording Vocals and Instruments   You’ll need to use different recording techniques for each of the different […]

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