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Best Microphone for Female Vocals – Shure Beta 58A Review

The best microphone for female vocals is the Shure Beta 58A - here's a review of this excellent micAs a vocalist or a music producer, finding the right microphone to capture the pure quality of the voice you’re recording is very important. For women this can be especially difficult because many microphones favor lower bass frequencies over softer, gentler sounds.

Isn’t it great that the Shure Beta 58A is here to save the day? It’s considered to be the best microphone for female vocals. This mic’s capability to capture and record a wide range of female vocal types means every voice has a chance to excel.

Shure Beta 58A Microphone

The Shure Beta 58A was first released in 1996 as an upgrade to the Beta 58. Its improvement on sound quality meant it became the favored of the Beta series, still being one of the most popular mics today. Despite minor upgrades yearly to modernize the mic, it’s upheld its performance for decades.

Everything about the Beta 58A shines. It’s super dynamic and uses a super-cardioid pattern, meaning it can brighten mid-ranges as well as cover bass roll-off. As a result, every vocal range is reproduced in crisp, clear quality.

Shure BETA 58A Vocal Microphone - Single Element Supercardioid Dynamic Mic for Stage and Studio,...
  • PROFESSIONAL VOCAL PERFORMANCE - The BETA 58A is designed specifically for professional vocal use,...
  • SUPERIOR GAIN BEFORE FEEDBACK - With its uniform supercardioid pattern, the BETA 58A provides...
  • HIGH SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO - The neodymium magnet provides high output with low noise, resulting in...

The mic’s ability to focus on the main vocal sound and reject any off-axis sounds also allows the vocal quality to be more rounded. This is especially useful for capturing the high-frequency energy of female vocals.

Overall the mic’s durability and quality make it perfect for any live stage performances as well as for touring. It’s a mic that will make your voice sound spectacular and will be a constant, reliable friend.

Who is This Product For?

Any live performer can benefit from using the Beta 58A. It’s ability to endure extreme wear on stage means you can dance around without worrying about your mic. At the same time, it reproduces a wide range of vocals in crisp, clear quality.

Female vocalists recording in the studio can benefit the most from use of this mic, including in home studios. Its wide frequency range means it can handle higher frequencies while still maintaining clarity. It can also capture lower bass tones favorably as well, which also makes it a good mic for male vocalists.

What’s Included?

Along with the standard user’s guide, warranty slips and the actual microphone, the Beta 58A comes with a microphone clip so you can attach it to a mic stand. There’s a leather pouch to keep the mic safe, a Velcro strap to secure it and a Shure sticker to show your support. You can watch this video if you want to check out the items:

Unfortunately, the box doesn’t include an XLR cable, so you’ll need to purchase one. There are wireless options available for this mic as well.

The Best Microphone for Female Vocals - Overview of Features

Here are a few notable features of the Beta 58A:

  • Uniform super-cardioid pattern: Focusses the main vocal sound and rejects background noise, while also catering to mid-range and bass roll-off.
  • Neodymium magnet: Upholds excellent quality when it translates the audio sound to an electrical signal.
  • Pneumatic shock system: Ensures any vibrations caused by handling doesn’t affect the quality of the recorded sound.
  • Frequency response50 to 16000 Hz, meaning it’s able to handle higher frequencies.


In order to use the Beta 58A you will need an XLR cable and an audio interface. You can use your computer by itself if you have an XLR to USB cable. However the best quality is produced with a proper studio system and audio interface.

If you want to use your Beta 58A wirelessly for increased mobility, this is also an option. All you need is a receiver. You can watch this video to see how to set up your wireless system:


The Beta 58A is best suited for vocal performances in both professional studios and home studios. If you’re looking for a great mic to record either vocals or instruments, you can also consider the Shure SM58 or Shure SM57. Both of these mics are industry-standard and are used in professional recording studios all around the world.

Final Thoughts

If you want the best mic for your vocal capabilities, you can’t go wrong with the Shure Beta 58A microphone. It’s able to handle a wide range of frequencies, as well as reproduce crisp and clear sounds.

In fact, there’s a reason it’s considered the best microphone for female vocals. Every high note is captured perfectlywith this microphone, bringing life to your vocalist’s performance in the studio.

Do you want the voice you’re recording to be the star of the show and the centerpiece of your music productions? If you do, you should invest in one of these mics from Shure. It will be a great addition to your microphone studio arsenal.