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About Practical Music Production

Hi, and welcome to

Music has been the biggest passion in my life since an early age. I always remember spending hours as a kid playing my first keyboard and my first guitar, fascinated that it was actually me making these noises I could hear (I couldn’t play, so most of it was noise!).

As I got older and a little better at playing, I realized that I probably wouldn’t be good enough to achieve my dream of being in a successful band. But I had already started getting interested in how music was made in the recording studio, and I learned that to make good music, you needed a mixture of both technical skills and creative abilities.

I also loved the way that computers and digital technology were allowing more and more people to get their music recorded and played to a wider audience – even if it was just for friends and family. After all, trying to “make it big” isn’t the main goal for everyone.

This desire to dive into the recording world led me to study a three-year Production & Engineering course at university, where I learned everything I could about the technical aspects of recording, mixing, and producing music in the studio environment. I also learned how to apply those skills creatively, and there were opportunities to learn live music production as well.

I had the chance to write and produce my own music, but I always preferred taking on the challenge of working and collaborating with other musicians behind the scenes. I gained experience in recording and producing demos for bands and I also became a qualified Pro Tools Expert in music, using the Pro Tools system in the studio to help bands get their sounds on tape (well, a computer’s hard drive usually).

To help spread some of the knowledge and experience that I’ve picked up over the years, I started this website to show other people how they could start making their own music at home, by following simple, practical, easy-to-follow steps and guides.

The site is always continuing to expand with new pages and new articles about recording and producing, and if you have any suggestions in regards to anything you’d like to see here then please don’t hesitate to send me a message over on the Contact page.

Thanks for reading, and get producing!

Best wishes, Rich L. Williams